Renishaw Hills

A gated mature lifestyle village, Renishaw Hills provides its residents with a unique opportunity to experience a gracious and gorgeous retirement experience. Designed for retirees who enjoy an active and socially varied lifestyle, Renishaw Hills caters for residents’ every need, with top-notch security, a wide variety of facilities and on-site health services. This village is the first of many on the Renishaw Estate and is an exciting and welcome development in the Scottburgh area.

Every Element Considered
It’s not just the residents of Renishaw Hills that this development serves to protect and sustain – it’s wildlife and the environment too. With a strong focus on protecting, conserving and celebrating the beautiful surroundings, the development of this estate seeks to reinvigorate coastal forests and enhance the natural landscape of the area.

Peace Of Mind
Designed to provide residents with personal freedom and peace of mind, security at Renishaw Hills is effective without being invasive. This peace of mind is assured from the very first day of occupancy, as all roads leading into the estate, along with the main access road will be fully tarred and lit prior to occupation. All security services are operational from the very first day you call Renishaw Hills home.

Mpambanyoni Conservation Development

Renishaw Hills is located on the historic Renishaw farm, which forms part of the Mpambanyoni Conservation Development. It’s here that the Crookes Brothers group was born and it’s within this estate that a series of planned, interconnected commercial and residential villages will give you truly tranquil living in today’s busy world. These interconnected villages subscribe to eco-conservation principles, with a key focus on not only sustaining and supporting the environment, but celebrating it too, as Renishaw Hills is designed to function in harmony with nature.

Crookes Brothers Limited

A subsidiary of the JSE-listed Crookes Brothers group, Renishaw Property Developments works closely with the Mpambanyoni Conservation Development team and surrounding Scottburgh communities. Crookes Brothers has been committed to developing and enhancing the lifestyle of Scottburgh’s communities for more than a century.

Elegant living in a natural setting.

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