Meticulous, purpose-driven design that compliments and nurtures its surroundings is the guiding architectural principle by which each unit and property at Renishaw Hills is developed. Light and airy, the open-plan living area, quality modern fittings and easy transition from interior to exterior make these residences a pleasure to live in.

Expertly designed, built with care.

Ample living space
Twenty hectares of this lush estate are devoted to Renishaw Hills, giving residents ample living space and enabling greenery to flourish. By balancing laidback living, modern amenities and a strong focus on conservation, Renishaw Hills offers its residents a charming home in a setting that respects and celebrates nature.

Built in response to nature
By living in harmony with nature, residents of Renishaw Hills experience a renewed, active lifestyle that’s enabled by a sustainable yet cost effective architectural style. Renishaw Hills homes compliment the surroundings, taking into consideration the natural breezes, individual views from each property and surrounding landscapes.

Personal choice
A selection from a number of house designs and a personal choice of fittings will make the home your own.