Residents of Renishaw Hills enjoy an elegant lifestyle that’s gentle on the environment. Keenly committed developers and a passionate community that’s dedicated to celebrating nature enable a true sense of wellbeing for all residents of this development. This is truly a sanctuary, with walking trails through the coastal forests and across the rolling grasslands allowing close up viewing of the vast variety of animal, plant and birdlife in the area.

Celebrating our surroundings with
a commitment to conservation.

Mpambanyoni Conservation Development

The Mpambanyoni Conservation Development programme of responsible stewardship ensures that the surrounding environment is nurtured. Conservation areas are carefully demarcated, enabling the indigenous flora and fauna to flourish as they link developments throughout the estate. The re-establishment of coastal forest, grasslands and wetlands forms an integral part of a long-term rehabilitation program that was initiated some years ago.

Conservation at Home

The estate’s commitment to conservation is truly brought into being through the design and development of each individual home at Renishaw Hills. Solar panels, grey water harvesting, passive cooling, large windows and wide patios for natural ventilation inform the design philosophy. By creating as light an environmental footprint as possible, each home fits in with the South Coast style of living: one that respects and celebrates nature. Of course, our animal companions are an important part of our lives, bringing us much joy. Small dogs are welcomed as pets at Renishaw Hills, enabling the estate to retain a communal focus on conservation.