At Renishaw Hills, a strict Environmental Protocol has been developed and implemented to ensure that each aspect of the development responds to and improves its natural setting. Indigenous gardening expert, Elsa Pooley oversees the landscaping, planting and rehabilitation of the area, ensuring that developments will be both water-wise and attract abundant birdlife.

Surrounded by nature, built with care.

Elegant Landscaping
Elegant landscaping and dense planting imbues the estate with a sense of serenity that can only be achieved by working in harmony with nature. With only indigenous plants allowed throughout the estate, and a range of water conservation practices in place, rich vegetation and abundant plant life is interspersed between and throughout homes.

Communal living

The landscape design includes open spaces to take in the sea and forest views and intimate spaces to promote communal interaction. The lush green belts and recreated wetlands will attract abundant animal and bird life. This is paradise.

Your ideal home
It is through an all-encompassing commitment to building with care that Renishaw Hills give you the ideal home you’ve been waiting for.